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Headlam Hall Golf Course

Chris Fidell, Greenkeeper at Headlam Hall Golf Course, County Durham

Description of the Headlam Hall course

Headlam Hall Hotel is a Country House Hotel, Spa, Restaurant and Golf Course located in County Durham. The 9 hole course is set over mature rolling pastureland with an abundance of natural features. To match the whole quality experience at Headlam Hall, the golf course has to deliver the highest standards.

With so many natural water features including flowing streams it is essential to avoid any risks of pollution or excessive fertiliser run off.

Description of Vermi ~ T, Vermi Germinator and Vermi ~ Green

Vermi ~ Green is an organic, probiotic (contains beneficial micro organisms) biostimulant derived from natural organic material worked by earthworms with no chemical additives and so is entirely safe for staff and the environment. Vermi ~ T is the probiotic liquid extraction derived from Vermi ~ Green a totally organic product. Both biostimulant products will help release locked up nutrients, stimulate root development, and increase the activity of microbes in rootzones. Suppression of diseases and reduction of thatch and black layer are added benefits. A sister product Vermi ~ Germinator accelerates germination and seedling development.

What impressed Chris Fidell about Vermi ~ T?

"First and foremost I've saved money on my fertiliser bill", says Chris. "By using Vermi ~ T last year I saved one application of fertiliser. We applied Vermi ~ T three times and it worked a treat allowing full uptake of the nutrition left in the soil which normally is locked up leading to more fertiliser applications."

An additional spin off which Chris likes is the safety aspect. "Vermi ~ products are safe for the operator and the environment. With all our natural watercourses here it is even more important to use safe environmentally friendly products.

Why were the results exceptional in Chris Fidell's experience?

"I am now using Vermi ~ T for a second year and I'm definitely seeing enhanced rooting."

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