Professional wormcast and worm digestion systems

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Reduced use of fungicides and herbicides, as well as water conservation, healthier soils and protection of sensitive ecosystems are key reasons why golf courses in North America are turning to compost and compost tea.
Vermicompost increases yield of cherries for three years after a single application

Promoting plant growth and health.
More on using Wormcastings for plant growth.
San Francisco turf (and golfers) benefit from applications of compost tea that minimize need for toxic chemicals.
Suppression of two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychusurticae), mealy bug (Pseudococcus sp) and aphid (Myzuspersicae) populations and damage by vermicomposts.
Vermicomposts and Vermi~Teas can have dramatic effects on the germination, growth, flowering, fruiting, and yields of crops independent of the availability of nutrients.