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Vermi ~ T testimonial and case study

Neal Carter, Golf Course Manager Addington Court Golf Centre, Croydon, Surrey

Description of the course

Neal Carter is the Golf Course Manager for Addington Court Golf Centre, Croydon in Surrey. Neal's description of his centre goes like this: "It's a popular Pay and Play course with 63 holes. The greens are used all year round with up to 55,000 rounds of golf played on our main 18 hole course per year. It's definitely a very good testing ground for a new biostimulant product like Vermi ~ T."

Description of the product

Vermi ~ T is a probiotic liquid extraction derived from totally organic products. It is a biostimulant made from organic, natural material worked by earthworms with no chemical additives and so is entirely safe for staff and the environment.

What impressed Neal Carter about Vermi ~ T?

"We applied Vermi ~ T twice in 2006 with significant benefits both times. In the summer we applied it to 18 greens, I was surprised to get such quick results, I noticed significant changes straight away. The growth rate went up literally overnight. I can say that we got healthier turf and increased sward density after only a couple of days."

In the late autumn or early winter period I had trouble with the 4th fairway, it has always been one of our worst fairways and we decided to overseed it. The effect of applying Vermi ~ T was very noticeable, it really helped with grass seed germination. After the overseeding Vermi~ T so improved the germination that one of our worst fairways has changed into one of our best."

Why were the results exceptional in Neal's experience?

"Well, I noticed the differences after applying Vermi ~ T but I'm used to doing trials; what was different was that the staff noticed. I got comments like: 'that's different!' and 'something's happened here'. Observations like that coming from greens staff - that's exceptional; Vermi ~ T really does makes a difference."

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