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Vermi ~ Pro

Vermi ~ Pro is a probiotic dressing. It is made from organic, natural materials worked by earthworms, with no chemical additives, so is entirely safe for staff, players and wildlife.

Vermi Green

What is Vermi ~ Pro?

Vermi ~ Pro contains abundant beneficial micro organisms which are the workhorses of healthy, productive soils and rootzones.
Vermi ~ Pro is rich in humic substances which condition the soil and improve water retention.
Vermi ~ Pro also contains plant growth factors such as plant hormones and enzymes which stimulate root development. It contains natural N.P.K. and trace elements.

What will Vermi ~ Pro do?

Vermi ~ Pro is the link between the plant and the soil. It converts nutrients (which would otherwise be locked up in the soil or leached out) into a form available to plants. It also promotes biological activity in the soil and, when applied to turf, it stimulates a biological response which enhances leaf condition and strength.

Benefits of Vermi ~ Pro

  • Converts plant nutrients into a form available to plant roots
  • Improves water retention, increases drought resistance and reduces irrigation costs
  • Promotes greater root development and sward density
  • Aids in suppression of diseases in root zones of turf in conjunction with your cultural control methods
  • Reduces chemical and fertilizer usage
  • Increases turf vigour and resistance to wear and stress
  • Breaks down black layer, thatch and anaerobic conditions to assist with dry patch
Vermi Green

Vermi ~ Pro can be used in a variety of turf applications:

  • Golf greens & fairways
  • Sports pitches
  • Race courses
  • Cricket grounds