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Wormcast ~ R.D.T.

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Standard Root Development

Root development with R.D.T.

Wormcast ~ R.D.T. is a probiotic liquid extraction for enhanced germination, root development growth and health. It is a biostimulant made from organic, natural materials worked by earthworms with no chemical additives so is entirely safe for people and plants.

  • Contains huge numbers of beneficial micro organisms
  • Encourages quicker germination
  • Encourages more prolific root development
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally
  • More efficient uptake of nutrients
  • Dramatically improves stress resistance
  • Healthier plants - Foliar disease suppression
  • Mealy bug, scale, spider mite and aphid pests suppressed
  • Safe and complimentary to biological control with predators

What does Wormcast ~ R.D.T. offer?

Wormcast ~ R.D.T. is a new probiotic organic product for enhanced plant germination, root development, growth and health.

Q Why does Wormcast ~ R.D.T. offer something totally new for commercial growers?

A At last you have a chance to treat seed and cuttings with natural products which give scientifically proven benefits to your plants.

Q What type of product is Wormcast ~ R.D.T.?

A Our products are biostimulants made from natural organic materials worked by earthworms.

Q Why is Wormcast ~ R.D.T. described as organic?

A Wormcast ~ R.D.T. is a liquid extraction derived from totally organic products with no chemical additives so it is entirely safe for both people and plants.

Q How do I apply Wormcast ~ R.D.T.?

A Wormcast ~ R.D.T. is applied as a dip drench or a foliar spray.

Amazing results

Q Why is Wormcast ~ R.D.T. called probiotic?

A It contains huge numbers of beneficial micro organisms - friendly bacteria, fungi and other micro organisms that deliver enhanced plant growth and health.

Q What is the research evidence to explain the astonishing results when plants are treated with a Wormcast ~ R.D.T. programme?

A Some of the answers are just being unravelled by research at Ohio State University, USA. Some of the beneficial micro organisms enhance growth by unlocking and making nutrients more readily available to roots, and this goes someway to explaining the amazing results. However, others also provide natural plant hormones which encourage root developmentand strengthen stems. In addition, the diversity of microbial life present gives significant disease suppression of a wide range of plant diseases including Phytophthora, mildew, Botrytis, leaf spot diseases, Phomopsis, and leaf blight.

Significant suppression of sucking pests

Q Does Wormcast ~ R.D.T. have suppressive effects on insect pests?

A Significant suppressive effects for sucking pests such as mealy bug, scale insects, aphids and red spider mite have been observed by researchers at Ohio State University. Pest populations on treated plants have been significantly reduced over time in comparison with untreated plants.

Q Will this effect biological control with predators?

A This natural suppressive effect on pests compliments and is safe for the predators used in biological control.