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Vermi ~ Germinator

Vermi ~ Germinator is a 100% organic stimulant, it is a plant growth activator containing dozens of benficial microscopic organisms. These 'good guy' soil microbes help speed up germination, root development and health!

Vermi Germinator

What will Vermi ~ Germinator do?

Vermi ~ Germinator is the link between the plant and the soil. It converts nutrients (which would otherwise be locked up in the soil or leached out) into a form available to plants. It also promotes biological activity in the soil, and when applied to turf, it stimulates a biological response which accelerates seed germination and root development.

Benefits of Vermi ~ Germinator

  • The microbes may consume disease causing organisms, occupy the space around the plant or may compete for the food source at the infection site.
  • They also produce compounds that inhibit growth of disease causing organisms.
  • This liquid extract contains soluble nutrients that feed the plant and soil organisms that support the disease suppressing organisms.
  • The microbes retain their nutrients in the soil around the roots. All the nutrients are made available to the roots exactly where required.
  • They detoxify the soil and water to promote aerobic conditions.
  • They build soil structure that allows water and air to reach the root system. Well aerated and moisture holding soils result in healthier plants that require less water.

Healthy soils grow healthy plants. You have to treat the problem not the symptom.

What is Vermi ~ Germinator?

Vermi ~ Germinator contains abundant beneficial micro organisms which are the workhorses of healthy, productive soils and rootzones.
Vermi ~ Germinator is rich in humic/fulvic substances which condition the soil and improve water retention.
Vermi ~ Germinator also contains plant growth factors such as plant hormones and enzymes which stimulate root development.
Vermi ~ Germinator contains trace elements
Vermi ~ Germinator is available in 2.5l containers