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Organic Status

You can view our Soil Association Ceritficate of Registration (left) and Product Licence (right) by clicking on the thumbnails below:


Our products are organic due to the unique way they are produced; in addition they are endorsed by official UK organic standards (see DEFRA Compendium of UK Organic Standards - details below.)

Our unique products are produced by the feeding action of earthworms. They are the end product of the action of millions of earthworms passing recycled organic matter through their gut a number of times. During this process of fragmenting and grinding the organic matter becomes finely divided humus like material with high porosity, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity. This process greatly enhances microbial activity and accelerates the rate of decomposition. This leads to a humification effect where unstable organic matter or decomposing plant and animal matter is oxidized and stabilized. Research scientists have termed this process vermicomposting so the generic name for the special ingredient of our products is vermicompost.

UK Government organic standards for farmers, growers and professional horticulturalists:

DEFRA Compendium of UK Organic Standards published September 2006:

Permitted products for organic growing: "only products composed of substances listed in Annex II may be used as plant protection products, fertilizers and soil conditions".

In the Annex II (A) Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners list on Page 58

"Dejecta of worms (vermicompost)"

These are the standards that Approved UK Certification Bodies apply.