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ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost

ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost is a biostimulant and probiotic top dressing. It is a specialist mix of quality PAS100 assured, non peat compost enriched with Vermi ~ Green, a biostimulant made from organic, natural materials worked by earthworms with no chemical additives so it is entirely safe for staff, players and wildlife. It can be used in turf management, landscape and other amenity situations.

ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost

What is ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost?

  • It contains abundant beneficial micro organisms which are the workshorses of healthy, productive soils and rootzones.
  • It is rich in humic substances, which condition the soil and improve water retention. This fine graded compost is produced via the Eco POD in-vessel composting system used in recycled plant material.
  • It also contains plant growth factors such as plant hormones and enzymes which stimulate root development.

What will ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost do?

Vermi ~ Germinator is the link between the plant and the soil. It converts nutrients (which would otherwise be locked up in the soil or leached out) into a form available to plants. It also promotes biological activity in the soil, and when applied to turf, it stimulates a biological response which enhances leaf condition and strength. A healthy soil promotes fast damage repair and strengthens resistance to disease.

Benefits of ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost

  • Converts plant nutrients into a form available to plant roots
  • Improves water retention, increases drought resistance and reduces irrigation costs
  • Promotes greater root development and sward density
  • Aids in suppression of diseases in root zones of turf in conjunction with your cultural control methods
  • Reduces chemical and fertilizer usage
  • Increases turf vigour and resistance to wear and stress
  • Breaks down black layer, thatch and anaerobic conditions to assist with dry patch
  • Safe - non toxic, reduce liabilities employees and players
ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost

Product range

ECO Vermi ~ Green enriched compost is available in a range of screened particle sizes depending on the use for which it is required.

  • (0 - 20mm) suitable for top dressing sports turf and fairways
  • (0 - 10mm) is more suitable for use as rootzones and divot mixes and top dressings